DATED:  May 25, 2023

Work is progressing very well. Since the workers are moving along so quickly, sometimes there may be only a day’s notice for your building, sometimes more.  Watch your emails daily!

The tear-down crew could be moving to building #3 as early as MONDAY, MAY 29th.  Of course, weather could always be a factor in their progress.

It might be wise to have ALL vehicles in front of Bldg #3 moved out this weekend, no later than SUNDAY, MAY 28th, to make room for dumpsters and equipment on Monday.  If for some reason they start earlier, we’ll try to let you know.

If you have designated a person to move your vehicle, please let them know.  If you do not have any one designated, let us know so we can move it.  

We realize that parking spaces are getting limited.  Pretty much what’s left are spaces in front of Bldgs. #4 and 5 and the pool area.  Some vehicles can go back in the few spaces in front of bldg. #1, avoiding the blocked off areas.  Then next week, some may go back in front of Bldg. #2 when that tear down is finished, except for any blocked off areas, as they will still need some of the spaces.  Be observant and respectful of the workers.  We will try to keep you informed.

I will let you know when bldg. #4 needs to clear vehicles from that parking area.  In the meantime, be patient with those that are parking in your area.

Again, thank you for your cooperation.


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