FROM:  BOARD OF DIRECTORS, Barbara Hansen, Secretary


DATED:  APRIL 25, 2023

As you know from the board meeting minutes, the election for the two people to fill the unexpired terms of resigning directors has been completed.  We want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for showing an interest and taking the time to vote.  We had a very good turnout of votes.  And, thank you to the candidates that showed an interest in contributing by putting their names in for the vote.

Now, let’s everyone welcome Ellen Hutt and Kevin Sandborn as our newest board members.  We feel confident that they will serve you and our community well.

You can find the updated Owner Information List on the DOCUMENTS page.  This includes our newest members and any corrections that may have been sent to me.  Again, I ask you to let me know if you notice any errors to your information or if you have made changes that need to be included.

Just an added reminder:  Be sure to send in your votes for roof color preference.  When you do so, please answer that particular email in order to have all the votes in one place.  I appreciate your cooperation and participation.  Thank you.


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