DATED:   MONDAY, APRIL 24, 2023 


The board has interviewed several contractors for our roof replacements and has selected CMM Roofing of Port Charlotte to install our new roofs. 

As we previously stated, the exact roof style we have is no longer an option. The board has chosen to go with the same type of roofing system with the installation of a new stone coated metal Villa Tile Panel manufactured by DECRA. The roof system will be installed per direction of the manufacturer and it will be the “Villa Tile High Wind Installation Method (installed on 1×4 wood battens) providing a wind protection rating of 248 mph wind uplift force. The material selected, once installed, will provide a beautiful, clean, minimum maintenance and structurally strong roof over our heads.

The color that we currently have, white, is no longer readily available due to a lack of demand from customers (As explained to us by several contractors, this is due to the easy discoloring by dirt, mold and algae, similar to what we have experienced). It is now considered a special-order product with a very extensive wait time. Darker colors are now the majority sold in the industry, colors that hide/limit staining, come with additives that prevent mold and algae growth, cut back on maintenance costs and add beauty to our community.  We have also been assured that due to the design of the tiles, and the way it is installed (airflow between tiles, insulating barrier below the tiles and attic vents), heat in the attics and in the condo units themselves will not increase with the darker color tiles.  Also, DECRA infrared blocking pigments increase the natural solar reflectance characteristic of metal roofs.

After consideration of all these factors, the board has narrowed the colors down to 2 options: 

1.      “Pompeii Ash” – A medium to dark grey

2.      “Royal Oak” – A dark brown/beige 

Because it is a color change, we feel the owners should have a say on the color.  The board has explored the various colors by viewing area homes with these roofs in order to assess what we think would look best on our buildings and strongly recommends “Pompeii Ash”.  It should also be noted that the color “Pompeii Ash” is available within a week or two, whereas the “Royal Oak” color will take approximately 4 weeks for delivery. CMM can begin the job once the product arrives, meaning the sooner the product arrives, the sooner the project is completed.

To expedite the voting process, we are sending out photos of these colors via this email and ask you to return your vote with a response to this Spinnaker email by April 28th.  The process needs to be quick, as timing is critical.  We need to get this done before the next hurricane season is fully upon us!

#1 – Pompeii Ash

#2 Royal Oak


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