FROM:  BOARD OF DIRECTORS, Leasing committee

DATED:  MARCH 16, 2023


It has been a good season for the owners & renters here at Spinnaker.  For the most part, weather has been good and activities like pool, boating, golf and pickleball have flourished.


  1. An updated “Contact Info for Condos Lease & Sale” list.  Please let me know if you have any changes that need to be made or names to be added or deleted. We have several condos for sale, the latest of which are units #127 and #517.
  2. For those departing soon, here is the reminder list of things that should be checked before leaving for the summer.  This is a list of suggested preparations – of course you can add whatever works best for you on closing up your condo.   Hopefully we will not have another hurricane this year, but preparation is the key to surviving in the best possible way.

As usual, thank you!  Enjoy the rest of your time here in paradise.  For those of you hoping to get in next year, good luck.


It is very important that you properly secure your condo and outdoor “toys” before leaving for the summer. Whether it is you or your renter that leaves in the spring, this needs to be done. It will save you from storm losses, prevent damage to our buildings & vehicles, and save on-site residents a lot of work in the event of a storm, both in storm preparation and clean up. 

1. ALL BIKES must be put in storage or condos. DO NOT just leave them locked to a bike rack! Try not to overcrowd building storage rooms as that prevents residents from getting at their stuff. If at all possible, it is best to put them in your condo while away. Also, remember that all bikes must have owners name & unit # displayed on them in a location easily seen. 

2. VEHICLES: If you leave your vehicle here while away, be sure to leave a key to it by your entry door and visible. And, PLEASE, park in your designated space, not a guest space! If using a cover during the summer, secure it well (it will help protect your vehicle from the sun, but most likely it will not survive a hurricane!) 

  1. 3. DOCKS: a. Kayaks, hoses, grills, and non-bolted down dock boxes should be taken into condos during summer absences. 
  2. b. Owners of boats left tied at docks are responsible for any damage boat causes to docks and/or pilings. 

4. STORM SHUTTERS installed/lowered on windows and lanai IF you have them (newly installed windows are hurricane proof). Be sure to lock all windows, as it helps keep water from being forced thru cracks. 

5. LANAI: Furniture & other items on lanai should be brought inside the condo. Storms admit a lot of water, esp. if there are no shielding vinyl windows (which may also cause water intrusion to unit below). Kayaks stay put on lanai, but inside is even better. 

6. ELECTRICITY: a. TVs unplugged and cable disconnected. (If security cameras use modem, then that must be left on. Have someone available that can reboot them if necessary.) Surges caused by summer lightning storms can trip or burn them out. It’s a good idea to unplug other appliances too. 

b. A/C must be ON and set no higher than 80. Humidistat best at 50. (Mold prevention). 

  1. 7. REFRIGERATORS: a. Either completely empty, unplug & leave doors open OR 
    1. b. Leave only food that is sealed in airtight containers (this will prevent spillage & which can possibly ruin the appliance). Do not leave meat & ice cream, as they really cause problems. • Ice, popsicles, etc. should be in a container to hold liquid if/when they melt. 
    2. • Empty ice maker and turn it off, even when refrigerator is left on. 
    3. • Condiment bottles, beverages, etc. are not a problem, as they can be discarded later if warranted due to long electricity outage. 

8. WATER: Of course, water must be shut off at outside source when leaving. If you have friends/relatives using your condo during your absence, make sure they know to TURN OFF WATER outside when leaving. a. Since water is shut off, you should also turn off your hot water heater (can be done at breaker box). 

b. Toilets: To prevent evaporation and drying out of gaskets, put some bleach in the bowl (not the tank) and completely cover top of bowl with saran wrap. 

9. GUESTS (who use your condo in your absence): Remind them to follow above checklist when they depart 


(As of March, 2023) 


  1. 1. Donald Stark – 2BR, 2nd floor, various times of year. a. 
  2. b. 630-432-5806 
  1. 2. Donald & Brenda Keehn – 2BR, 2nd floor, long or short term, any time of year. (taken 2024 Jan-Mar) a. or 
  2. b. 707-292-1942 or 707-292-1941 
  1. 3. Trish Rothan Hoeweler – 2BR, 2nd floor, long or short term, any time of year. a. 
  2. b. 513-652-3074 

(taken 2024 Jan-Mar) 


  1. 1. Thomas & Marguerite Baker (previous renter) – interested in 2024 Season (Jan-Mar) a. or 
  2. b. 846-247-4419 or 864-723-6608 
  1. 2. Everett & Barbara Thomas (previous renters) – interested in 2024 Season a. 
  2. b. 574-596-2987 or 574-536-5727 
  1. 3. Patricia Metz (previous renter) – interested in 2024, Feb-March, 1st floor a. 
  2. b. H 419-649-9302 and C 567-712-9635 
  1. 4. Robert Jezak (new, friend of renter) – interested in 2024 Season (Jan.-Mar) 1st floor a. 
  2. b. 978-808-8407 
  1. 5. Jim & Enga Wodziak (new, friends of renters) – interested in 2024 Season, 1st floor a. 
  2. b. 612-554-2084 
  1. 6. Dan & Jeri Booms (new, friends of owners) – interested in Feb/March or Jan-Mar 2024 a. 
  2. b. 248-225-7220 
  1. 7. Wayne & Toni Schmidt (new, friends of owner) – interested in Jan.-Feb. 2024, prefer 1st floor a. 
  2. b. 260-433-2230 
  1. 8. Angele Crevier (new) – interested in 5 months, Nov. 15, 2023 to April 15, 2024 a. 
  2. b. 239-922-8495 



  1. 1. Debbie Mullens (friend of a SPCA owner) – Interested in PURCHASE of a 3 BR condo a. 
  2. b. 954-913-7977 
  1. 2. Mike Dixon – 3BR, 2nd floor, for SALE a. 
  2. b. 208-941-6024 
  1. 3. Nora Giardina – 2 BR, 2nd floor for SALE a. 
  2. b. 973-699-8128 
  1. 4. Dot Hannigan – 3BR, 1st floor, for SALE a. Contact person, daughter Maureen Ulbert at 
  2. b. 847-899-0405 

Note: This list is for sharing information only. Negotiations must be between interested parties, as SPCA does not get involved until an application for lease approval is submitted or a sale is complete. Thank you 


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